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Penetration Testing

In the information technology era, information and data security becomes our prime concern. As it's more difficult than ever when we consider multi-tier network architectures, heterogeneous server platform environments, web services, and custom applications. Criminal organization have engineered their hacking endeavors, they are not just script kiddies to intrude into your networks and applications.
Albeit, there are numerous ways to secure networks, systems, and applications. The solitary way to accurately know how secure you are to test your environment is penetration (pen) testing. Secisys' Penetration Testing department offers you many benefits; allowing to intelligently manage vulnerabilities, avoid the cost of network downtime, meet regulatory requirements and avoid fine, and to preserve corporate image and customer loyalty.
We surpass in both black box discovery and white box penetration testing. All engagements are specifically tailored to provide the highest return on investment for lowering the risk of a security incident, breach, or data leak. Secisys offers a full scope of penetration tests to you. Our skilled specialists can execute on any of the following types of pen tests pending your business necessities:

GDPR Compliance

GDPR is EU regulation to strengthens the data rights of EU resident privacy, applicable to all organization who are processing the personal data of people residing in EU union. This regulation has been enforced from 25 may 2018 and it is most important change in privacy and personal data protection in 20 year in case of non-compliance with GDPR may cause heavy fine up 2% to 4 % total revenue.




CHFI is 4 days expert level course leading to CFHI certification exam which help individuals and organizations to detecting cyber-attacks and systematically extracting evidence to support the cyber-crime investigation report, and conducting periodic audits to prevent similar attacks in future. CHFI certification training validates an individual's knowledge of computer forensics for reporting hacking attempts and attacks in the courts of law.


Data Science